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Thanks for visiting our website. Devon Racing specialise in race car preparation and engine building for perforamance and competition cars.

Our workshops are experienced in Ford, Chevrolet and Rover V8 engines, and are rapidly aquiring a reputation for the quality of their work done upon the TVR S6 family of straight six and V8 power plants. We are also one of the few firms in this country with  the expertise to reliably upgrade the awesome Dodge V10 power plant, as used in the Viper and Ram.

So, If you have a particular project in mind  - however challenging - why not talk to us.  Whether it is a  stock rebuild of a road car engine for  reliability and smoothness,  or  a complete motorsport engine and transmission transplant package, we can help. .


Omex 710 OMEX 710 Engine Management  systems now available with any full TVR S6 engine build/rebuilds undertaken in our workshops. The OMEX 710 allows engine setup and power mapping to be done in real time, as opposed to having to re-program an ECU chip off the car, each time the engine specification changes, or more power is required. Standard features that come with the OMEX 710 include NOx sensor monitoring, semi-sequential fuelling, rev limiter built in, barometric pressure fuelling compensation, twin lambda sensor support, separate mapping facilities built in for engine cranking and warm-up cycles, plus air and fuel temperature fuel injection pulse width compensation.

The Omex 710 ECU comes housed in a billet machined high-strength aluminium  enclosure.

Call us to discuss your requirements, applicability and pricing for non-TVR vehicles

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millers oils logo  Millers Oils - racing oils to keep you ahead! 

semi-synthetic 20/60 -  9.00 a litre - 45 for 5 litres
CRO semi-synthetic 10/40 - 7.00 a litre - 35 for 5 litres
CFS semi-synthetic 5/40 
- 12.00 a litre - 60 for 5 litres

Other Milllers products available. Further information is on the Technical Helpdesk section of their  their  website (link will open in a new window).

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