Omex ecu
The Omex 710 unit has been further developed by Steve at Power Crazy Motorsport for use in all TVR engined cars . Perry Waddam's Tuscan Challenge car is fitted with the Omex 710 unit, he won his class in the Sports and GT Championship and came second overall lost by one point

The OMEX 710 allows engine setup and power mapping to be done in real time, as opposed to having to re-program an ECU chip off the car, each time the engine specification changes, or more power is required. Standard features that come with the OMEX 710 include NOx sensor monitoring, semi-sequential fuelling, rev limiter built in, barometric pressure fuelling compensation, twin lambda sensor support, separate mapping facilities built in for engine cranking and warm-up cycles, plus air and fuel temperature fuel injection pulse width compensation. The Omex 710 ECU comes housed in a billet machined high-strength aluminium  enclosure, less wiring harness. Custom TVR-specific wiring harness available separately..

TVR Speed Six Fitted price includes ECU Harness and mapping úP.O.A. and Power Graph.

Power Crazy's rolling road dyno is an uprated Sun  Ram 12 fully digitised steady state to support up to 750 BHP to produce power BHP, torque in FT LBS, fuel ratio, and power at the wheels .

Features include - 

Full live mapping
Ignition Timing
Knock sensor
Rev limiter
Shift light

There are many other features check them out on the Omex web site at

For more information contact Steve, at:

Unit 5 Kingsford Rural business Centre  EX 15 2 AU.
tel. 01884 260140


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